True stories which will inspire your child

Our Mission

We were inspired by the Saints. We explore their biographies, searching for authorities and the direction of bringing our children up. The Saints provide the answer for questions important in life and they show out children the direction of growing up.

It is our mission to try to develop the attitude of respect, justice, good, beauty closeness and love in children aged 6-13, the attitude practices by the Saints and their lives experiences. That is why we want to create animated series for children “All Saints”, which will bring young viewers closer to one Saint. In each one of 26 planned episodes the series main characters, Franek and Matylda, meet one Saint in the context of their own problems. And these are the Saints who will become their guides in growing up.

Franek and Matylda, the main characters, face everyday difficulties familiar to every child. In the moments of loneliness, jealousy of feeling of injustice they find comfort and advice at the Saints, who are the example for them.

The aim

For “All Saints” to be created we need 4 900 000 Polish złoty. But right nownow, we kindly ask you to help us collect 700 000 Polish złoty.

The amount of 700 000 Polish złoty is the cost of producing the first episode. This large amount is the result of the necessity of preparation of base materials for animation. Every next episode will cost much less, mostly because the main charters will have already been animated


We are creating the animated series “All Saints” as antidote for all worthless content poured from the screens to children’s minds. To do this we reach for authorities that can inspire in everyday struggle life place in front of us, difficulties or rejection.

If we don’t do this the world our children will live in will not be a good or safe place for them. Already the research results are alarming – children and teenagers feel lonely and left with their problems, rejected by others, isolated from peer groups because of their being different. Psychiatric wards are full to theirs limits. We do not want such world. That is why we offer role models that work and are good.

It is our great dream to create a safe world for younger generation. The world where children have real heroes they can follow and deal with everyday challenges.



Thanks to our donors we have collected 81280.43 out of 700000 Polish złoty. Thank you!


True stories that will inspire your child

Help us ti produce animated series for children titled “All Saints” Let’s enable our children with finding real values and role models – the Saints, flesh and blood, who overcame a lot of difficulties using their goodness.

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We decided to choose the Saints as guides in everyday life. The main characters, Franek and Matylda, learn from “All Saints” how to deal in difficult situations. Because Saints are flesh and blood as every single human, they had to face the loneliness, rejection, difficult family relations, jealousy and dishonesty. Their decisions to be good should be inspiration for our children.

We want to unite parents who understand that “ you“you are what you watch”, and” and show their offspring great values in the bestthe best possible way. That is why during the whole production process, namely 26 months, we will create additional materials and content which help parents and caretakers in bringing their children up. We believe that we can have indirect influence on our own children, and we want to show them the wonders of everyday lives if our Saints. And you?


We are the people fighting for a good world for our children. We chose the Saints as guides in everyday lives because they experienced a lot of difficulties and won. We want to show all children and teenagers how to live a good and honest life being happy a good person at the same time





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mBANK: 10 1140 1977 0000 3309 6000 1010